Winter Heat Problems: Need a Prime & Start?

service tech working on furnace

The winter months in New England typically come with their fair share of bitterly cold days. We’re currently preparing for a weekend of zero and below temps here in Connecticut, so ensuring your home is able to stay warm and comfortable is important.

For most of us, our lives are busy and chaotic too and remembering to check the levels of fuel in our oil tanks slips our minds from time to time. It’s understandable. The issue with letting an oil tank run dry though is that it can cause other issues to your home’s heating system and leave you in the cold on some those frigid days.

What Happens When Heating Oil Runs Out

While running out of heating oil isn’t the end of the world, it could make it harder for your furnace to restart once you’ve added new oil. This is typically the result of sludge and air from the tank getting pulled into the oil lines that run from the tank to your furnace. While there aren’t any safety concerns when this happens, if your system doesn’t kick on itself once you refill, then you won’t be able to get heat coming from the vents until you have the lines cleaned.

This process is called a “Prime and Start.” A technician comes out to clear the lines using a similar system to bleeding brake lines on a car. This allows the oil to pump back through the system again. Once a steady stream is flowing, the furnace is then restarted.

Other Reasons Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

If your tank still has oil in it and the furnace won’t turn on, or if you’ve performed a prime and start and still are unable to get it working, there could be other issues occurring with your heating system.

Everything from a bad pump, clogged filter, wiring issues or a damaged fuel line could be preventing you from getting heat. It’s best to have a professional technician come out and provide a maintenance and repair service to get to the bottom of the issue accurately and safely.

You Have Options

You could opt for will call service in an emergency and pay additional fees to get oil out to you, or you could just sign up for an oil delivery service program that takes remembering when you need your tank filled out of the equation completely. Use a trusted provider that keeps track of your usage and fills your tank without you having to remember any of it at all.

Arbor Energy offers delivery service plans for home heating oil as well as propane. Don’t let this winter create a “no heat” issue in your home. Sign up for service today