Understanding Oil Tank Requirements

oil tank

If you use oil to heat your home or business, you use an oil tank to store fuel oil for heating systems. It might be above ground or below ground. It might be large or small. It’s important, however, to have a basic understanding of your oil tank so you can ensure it continues to work in optimal condition.

Underground Tanks Must Be Tested for Leaks

The only way to know whether your buried oil tank is leaking is to have the soil around it tested periodically. This is important, as homeowners or owners of commercial property could be held liable for significant cleanup costs if the tank is leaking. An energy company can perform this test to ensure that your oil tank is sound. If you’re buying or selling the property, it’s important to also ensure there is no leaking buried oil tank on the grounds, as you could be held liable even for damages you didn’t know about.

All Tanks Require Maintenance

Whether it’s new or old, you’ll need to have your aboveground tank checked periodically to ensure that the oil flows freely through the outlet pipe (and nowhere else).

An energy company will perform an inspection and check several things:

  • The legs. An inspector will look at the tank legs and make sure they are not missing, rusted, buckled or bent, or cracked or coming away from the tank.
  • Structural integrity. If the material is corroded in any way, the inspector will check for warps, dents, weeping or wet spots that indicate a breach of the tank. The service will also check the pipes that connect to the tank for drips or dampness and check and replace any filters or valves that require it.
  • Control mechanisms. This includes the vent whistle, which should sound when the tank is being filled, and that the gauge is working properly, showing the changing level when it’s being filled.
  • Testing in conjunction with the heating system. An energy service checkup isn’t only about the tank itself. It’s important for the technician to check flow rates (and identify blockages) in conjunction with your entire heating system, not just the oil tank in isolation.

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