Tune Up for Warm Weather Savings

Arbor A/C Tune UpSpring is finally here, and our attention will soon turn to warmer temperatures. Before you switch on your air conditioning system at the start of the cooling season, it’s a smart idea to evaluate its condition after several months of inactivity to ensure proper operation. And the best way to do that is to call on your local HVAC technician to schedule an A/C tune-up.

Benefits of an A/C Tune-Up

Stay Comfortable: An A/C tune-up ensures that your system will run efficiently and effectively throughout the dog days of summer, keeping your family cool and comfortable despite the heat outside.

Save Money: Not only will an efficient system keep your family comfortable, but it will also help you to lower your energy bills! Properly running equipment uses less fuel to operate, which can cut your energy bills by 10%. Plus, if you have your system filters cleaned or replaced as part of the tune-up, you can reduce your energy consumption by another 5-10%!

Minimize Breakdowns: Like any major home appliance, your cooling equipment should be regularly maintained to keep it functioning properly. Annual maintenance ensures that your system operates smoothly, reducing the risk for unexpected breakdowns—and the potential for costly repairs. And let’s face it: no one wants to worry about their A/C system come mid-August!

Extend Equipment Life: An A/C system is an investment in your home comfort—and not a cheap one. Scheduling annual maintenance will keep your system running properly to maximize the lifespan of your equipment, saving you money down the road.

At Arbor Energy, we are happy to have our expert technicians tune up your home cooling equipment to keep your family comfortable all summer long. You can also take advantage of our Air Conditioning Service Plans for even greater savings and peace of mind!