Tips For Summer Oil Tank Maintenance

Spring is finally here and another heating season is coming to an end. If you are like most Connecticut homeowners, once warmer weather hits, you don’t think twice about the upkeep of your oil tank. But perhaps you should. There are plenty of ways to care for your off-duty heating equipment to increase longevity, uphold efficiency, and reduce the risk of repairs.

Understand Your Equipment

The first step towards keeping your oil tank happy and healthy this summer is making sure it is up-to-date on general standards. Area by-laws for Middlesex, New Haven and Hartford counties can be found in town-specific guidelines. These fuel tank storage regulations cover topics like tank registration, testing of underground tanks, reports of leaks or spills, and tank removal.

Consider a Spring Refill

Many home heating oil consumers opt to refill their oil tanks at the end of heating season. While you might feel like you’ve jumped the gun, there are several benefits to an early fill-up:

  • Avoid the rush, guarantee the speediest delivery.
  • Save money; historically oil prices tend to be the lowest in the spring and summer.
  • Be prepared for that first chilly evening when the extra blanket just won’t do.

Schedule a Tune-Up

The most important part of off-season oil tank care is annual maintenance. This summer, take the time to schedule a tune-up or sign up for a service plan to be worry-free next winter. A yearly visit from your local HVAC experts will:

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Extend equipment lifespan
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Maintain warranty coverage

Spend your summer completely relaxed knowing that your off-duty oil tank is safe and secure. Once autumn rolls around, you’ll be happy that you did!

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