Tips from the Pros: Keeping a Clean Furnace This Fall

furnace repair man

Keeping your home warm, efficient and clean is top of mind for most homeowners this time of year. Especially here in New England where we’ve already welcome cold temperatures ahead of the winter season.

If worrying whether or not your home heating system will fail you and leave you in the cold on an ice-cold day is not in your plans this winter, working with a professional HVAC company is critical.

From oil and propane delivery to equipment installation and maintenance services, knowing the comfort of your home is in the right hands is key.

At Arbor Energy, it is our goal to deliver reliable, affordable fuel delivery and HVAC services for families across the state.

Our technicians and team of support staff are not only well versed in the trade, but they’re also courteous, helpful and dedicated to ensuring your HVAC needs are always met.

Ahead of the fall season, we’ve been reminding customers that now is the perfect time to schedule a cleaning and maintenance for your furnace.

We’re sharing these tips from the pros out there in the field each day to help remind you why a clean furnace is important.

Clean Air, Safe Operation & Cost Savings

You don’t really want to kick up settled dust and debris and run it through the system.  Start the season off on the right foot with a boiler and furnace that’s been properly inspected, cleaned and that’s ready to serve your warming needs and have better indoor air quality.

During a yearly maintenance appointment, your thermostat is checked to ensure its working properly, air filters are inspected and replaced, connections, burners, and heat exchanges are also checked for functionality and safety and moving parts are lubricated and changed out for maximum efficiency and to reduce energy consumption as well as lower energy usage.

Avoid Potential Hazards

There isn’t just normal wear and tear to think about when it comes to getting your furnace inspected and cleaned. There are also those unseen things that could be happening in the system creating an issue. From unexplained system breakdowns, inefficiencies and even dangers or fires, it’s important to cover your bases when it comes to HVAC.

Our techs have noticed, for example, that raised ranch style homes in particular (which are very common across the state) tend to have a greater accumulation of soot build up in their systems when the boiler/furnace is in the same room as the clothes dryer. This may be attributed to space where both units are kept being smaller. Even in homes where the dryer vents outside of the room, our techs are finding lint clogging up the system.

While this shouldn’t be cause for an alarm, it serves as another reminder of why homeowners should keep up with their annual tune-ups and make sure their unit is getting cleaned so the build-up does not become an issue.

Arbor Energy offers comprehensive service plans along with fuel delivery and HVAC services to Connecticut communities. If you haven’t had your furnace inspected yet this year or if it’s been longer, give us a call today!