How to Take Advantage of Your Propane Supply All Year Long

If you use propane for your primary home heating source, you know how reliable and versatile the fuel is. In addition to keeping your whole home warm each winter, this one fuel can power a variety of other indoor appliances, like cooking stoves and clothes dryers.

Did you know that propane can be used for your outdoor energy needs, too? Whether for comfort or practicality, there’s a wide range of equipment that can easily be connected to your property’s propane supply. Relying on one main fuel source to power all of your home energy systems can simplify your utility bills, give you peace of mind by working with a local propane provider of your choice, and add convenience to your everyday living!

Check out all the ways you can take advantage of your propane supply throughout the seasons.


Propane-Fueled Appliances for Your Indoor Comfort

Affordable and dependable, propane fuel is a leading energy source for Connecticut homeowners. High-efficiency equipment performs to lower your energy bills, saving you money and helping to protect the environment.

✓ High-Efficiency Boilers and Furnaces
✓ Energy-Saving Water Heaters
✓ Stoves and Ovens
✓ Clothes Dryers
✓ Fireplace Inserts
✓ Residential Backup Generators

Propane-Fueled Appliances for Your Outdoor Living

Make your outdoor living area as relaxed and functional as your indoor space with appliances fueled by propane.

✓ BBQ Grills 
✓ Outdoor Fireplaces 
✓ Pool Heaters 
✓ Patio Space Heaters 
✓ Fire Pits 
✓ Hot Tubs/Spa Heaters

Learn more about using propane in your home from the energy experts at Arbor Energy.