Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace? Top Things to Consider

Furnaces always seem to know when the worst time to fail is: in the middle of a cold snap, on a holiday, while you’re away from home. Suddenly, you’re faced with a decision…do I repair the old furnace or choose a completely new heating system? It’s not an easy decision to make. Before you do, there are some things to consider.

How Old Is Your Furnace?

If you didn’t install the furnace and you’re not sure, check for stickers inside the chamber door, or call customer support for the manufacturer to find out. (It might also be on your home inspection paperwork if you can find it.) Typically, furnaces last for 15 to 20 years, so if your furnace is passed that age, you may want to consider replacing it. Newer furnaces are more efficient, so it could save you money in the long run. (A furnace that’s older than 20 years may be running at 70 percent efficiency.)

Consider doing a cost-benefit analysis: if the cost to repair the furnace is more than 30 percent of the cost of a new furnace, choose a replacement. If the fix is inexpensive and easy and the furnace is running well otherwise, choose a repair. The Department of Energy’s Energy Star program is a good place to find some cost-benefit tools.

How Safe Is Your Furnace?

Furnaces are manufactured with many safety controls that make them very safe to operate. However, allowing a malfunctioning furnace to continue operating can create dangerous situations that can’t be remedied by safety switches alone. A furnace with cracks in, or problems with sensors and controls, can represent a safety hazard to you and your family. If there are any structural problems in the furnace that could cause carbon monoxide to find its way into your home, the answer should always be to replace.

What Does Your Furnace Maintenance Company Think?

No matter how old your furnace is, you should be getting it professionally serviced each year to ensure it’s running at top efficiency. While you may not know what to look for when it comes to evaluating the condition of your furnace, a professional company does, and their evaluation and opinion can help you decide whether to fix or replace. The best option is to have a highly trained and qualified technician give you an honest assessment of your equipment.

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