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Your home’s HVAC systems are crucial. Not only do they keep your family comfortable through the extremes of winter and summer, but they help to protect your house itself.

If you’re a Southington, Connecticut homeowner, you need to make sure your home receives the very best in HVAC service from the trusted, reliable contractors at Arbor Energy.  From routine maintenance to fuel oil and propane deliveries, Arbor Energy does it all.

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HVAC Service Plans from Arbor Energy

Arbor Energy offers a variety of convenient, affordable service plans for oil heating, propane heating, and AC systems.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans are payable in monthly or annual installments, and cover everything from regular inspections and tune-ups of your HVAC systems to discounts on emergency service visits and more. Whether you’ve got an oil furnace, boiler, or propane heat, we know how to keep your system running its best.

Air conditioning service plans include a 29-point inspection, cleaning and lubrication, and a discount on parts and labor.

Automatic Oil Delivery Services

If you rely on oil to heat your Meriden home, you can rely on Arbor Energy to make sure you’re always well-supplied.

Arbor Energy’s automatic home heating oil delivery services are a convenient, effective way to keep your oil tank topped off. Your current oil levels are calculated to within just a few gallons based on past usage and recent weather. Deliveries are arranged automatically when you need them.

Don’t worry about keeping an eye on your oil levels or calling and waiting for a delivery—most importantly, don’t worry about running out of home heating oil. Just sign up for Arbor Energy’s automatic delivery service and let us take care of it from there!

Will call delivery is also available upon request.

Residential & Commercial Propane Delivery Services

Propane is a clean-burning fuel, which is very effective for use in heating or cooking appliances—and more!

  • Home Heating
  • Water Heating
  • Stovetop Cooking
  • Clothes Drying
  • Powering Generators
  • Fueling Fireplace Inserts

If you rely on propane for any of these or other uses, trust the propane delivery services from Arbor Energy to keep you well-supplied.

Automatic and will-call delivery services are available.

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