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Hamden, Connecticut is a great place to own a home and raise a family. But for all its charms, Hamden is still a town in New England—and that means having to deal with seasonal extremes in temperature. Hot summers require a great AC system, and cold winters demand reliable a reliable home heating system.

Trust your home’s heating and cooling systems to the professional team at Arbor Energy.

A family-owned and operated business since 1994, Arbor Energy offers HVAC services such as heating oil delivery, oil equipment maintenance and service, propane delivery, propane equipment service, AC services, and more.

Home Heating Oil Delivery

While heating oil prices can vary significantly over time, Arbor Energy’s unparalleled service and devotion to excellence is always the same, 24/7.

Arbor Energy specializes in automatic oil delivery service plans. Using a combination of recent weather and past usage, we are able to predict when you’ll need your oil tank refilled with amazing accuracy.

With Arbor Energy, there’s no more worrying about running out of oil, no more constantly checking on your fuel oil levels, no more waiting for your oil delivery—just sign up for service and let us take care of the rest.

Oil Equipment Services

Arbor Energy does more than just oil delivery, we also offer a host of services to keep your equipment running properly.

From furnace repair and boiler repair to oil tank replacement, new equipment installations, and more, Arbor Energy handles it all.

If your system is more than 15 years old, you can reduce fuel consumption up to 30% by investing in a new energy-efficient boiler or furnace that generates a payback in less than five years.

Propane Delivery & Equipment Services

If you rely on propane for home heating, water heating, cooking, electricity, or anything else, let Arbor Energy manage all your propane service needs. We offer automatic delivery of propane fuel, as well as equipment maintenance, repair, and installation services that can’t be beat.

Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum service plans offer our Hamden customers the security of knowing that their systems are in good hands, with the flexibility to find a plan that’s right for their needs.

Air Conditioning Service

When was the last time you had your AC system tuned up? If this leaves you scratching your head in puzzlement, consider air conditioner service from Arbor Energy.

Our annual AC service plan is only $12.50/month or $150/year + tax, and includes:

  • 29-point cooling inspection
  • Clean and lubricate
  • 10% discount on all parts and labor

Don’t let Connecticut’s muggy summers catch you off-guard! Keep your AC system in top shape now!

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