Room Always Feel Cold? Here’s What to Do

cold room in house

As a homeowner, you’ve probably already learned the regular occurrences at your dwelling – you know that certain stair that creaks every time, the fidgety closet doorknob that doesn’t want to stick and the room that you keep out of on cold days because it can’t seem to hold warmth.

While we can’t offer a fix for every nuisance, we can help with the heat issue.

Here are some tips for solving those cold room woes.

First the obvious.

Go around said room and make sure no window was forgetfully left cracked open or hasn’t unlocked and cracked open at the top. Check also that there isn’t any physical damage allowing cold air o come in. Next, check the vents that deliver warm air to the room. Are they closed? Do they look clogged up with dust and debris? That could also stop the room from getting warm.

Call in the Pros

An experienced HVAC technician can assist you with ensuring that your homes heating system is running efficiently and that there are no issues in the air ducts or elsewhere stopping the hot air from being delivered as it should. An ineffective heating system will waste energy, money, and oil. You may simply need a cleaning, a repair, or a new system upgrade. It’s something to consider especially if your home’s been running the same unit for several decades. Other options like having a decorative propane fireplace installed in the room might also be a solution. Speak with a professional to decide on the best action for your home.

Consider Adding Zones

Depending on the square footage of your home, another convenient option is to add HVAC zones. This process is modern and more effective when it comes to heating and cooling the home efficiently. Not only does it lower overall spending it also means maintaining desired temperatures. Let’s say the room that’s always cold is actually a sunroom with multiple windows or a room with a cathedral ceiling, naturally, those are going to need to be warmed more to maintain a certain temperature. With a zone, you can deliver that needed heat to that area only without making the rest of the house unbearably hot.

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