Propane Safety Tips for Winter

While we’re still in the earlier stages of winter, the weather has certainly brought record-breaking temperatures across the country. The cold snap means an increase in the heating of homes, many of which rely on natural propane gas to keep the cold where it belongs: outside. Propane gas is very easy to store and use however, there are some precautions everyone should take when it comes to heating the home with propane.

Check Your Tank and Make Sure the Vents Are Clear

A propane tank needs to be properly ventilated to ensure the safety of its contents. Watch out for ice and leaves that might clog ventilation.  Let the vents on your appliance breathe and ensure flue gases can flow easily to the outdoors.

All About Pilot Lights

If a pilot light goes out often, don’t try to absolve the problem yourself. It is strongly recommended that only a qualified service technician light any pilot light that has gone out, otherwise you run the risk of starting a fire or explosion.

If You Smell Gas…

Did you know that propane gas is actually odorless?  Odors are added for one simple reason: so that leaks can be detected. The scent is unmistakable; a sulfurous smell, like that of rotten eggs, will permeate the home. Make sure that all members of your household know that this smell is associated with a potentially dangerous propane leak. Be sure to vacate the premises immediately and call 911 to ensure your safety.

Keep Your Propane Tank Properly Maintained By a Professional

Propane appliances should be maintained and repaired only by qualified, trained service technicians. Do not try to work on them yourself. Improper service and installation may lead to fires or CO poisoning. What’s more, your home’s system should be professionally inspected at the start of each heating season. Arbor Energy is here to keep you and your family safe and warm this winter season.

If you have any questions about propane safety or the use or installation of propane, please contact us and our knowledgeable and professional staff will immediately take care of any of your needs and concerns.