Old Furnace Keeping You Cold? Consider New Heating Equipment

laying down with blanket

Most homeowners cringe when they think about having to invest in something as big as a new furnace. Especially when the system decides to give out during the holidays or other budget-constricting times. But if you’ve lived in your home for 20 or more years or bought a home with an already aged heating system, and you’ve made it this far along without updating yet – then consider yourself lucky. Most systems have a life expectancy of 12 years. Even with regular maintenance or no signs of malfunction, there are many reasons you should consider upgrading your home’s heating system.

We’ll cover some of the obvious, and not so apparent reasons that purchasing new heating equipment for your home makes sense.

Increased Spending

One of the main reasons we hate thinking about a large investment in a new heating system is because of the upfront costs. But if you really think about it, the expenses incurred due to rising energy bills and lack of efficiency as well as all of those repair bills can, over time, actually add up to even more costs than what’s involved in just upgrading to a system that won’t leave you in the cold and that operates optimally. Choosing new high-efficiency boilers, water heaters and furnaces will help decrease energy spending. Couple this with a service provider that offers dependable oil services and protect your investment for years to come.

Strange Things

If you’re having to pay more to keep your system running with all those technician visits that should be enough to warn you that there is something that needs to be done. Even if you’re not yet having to call for repair work but you have started to notice loud, clanking noises coming from the system, be prepared for issues to sprout up in the near future as this is an early warning sign that something is starting to go wrong. You should always pay attention for anything out of the ordinary when it comes to equipment in your home and contact a reputable technician to have a look at your system to keep your home and family safe.

Obvious Reasons

Outside of the cost issues, or not realizing the early signs, there is also the obvious need for a new heating system when you’re left in the freezing cold. Even if this is the most obvious sign, it’s also the worst predicament to be in when temperatures are below freezing and you have a family to keep warm and pipes to prevent from bursting. It happens, however and being prepared in advance can less the cost burden. Start saving in advance and planning for new heating equipment investments if your system has started showing signs of its age.

If you’ve read this post and realized it’s time to stop putting off the purchase of a new heating system for your home, we’d love to help you. Contact Arbor Energy and we’ll help you choose the best system and install it for you. We also offer ongoing maintenance and oil delivery as a full service provider you can count on.

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