No Cold Showers This Spring! Tips for Your Home’s Hot Water Tank

woman shower water

April showers turn into May flowers, but what if those showers are freezing cold?

Nothing trumps getting into a shower to start your day only to be shocked by ice cold droplets of water hitting your skin. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of this rude wake-up, then you know how important a water heater is for your home’s daily operation.

From taking showers that you can actually enjoy, to washing clothes, dishes and even cooking food – being able to run water through your system at warmer temps is a necessity many take for granted.

If you’re dealing with cold water issues now, or have been thinking about getting a new water heater tank for your home, consider these factors to ensure you have cost-effective and reliable hot water throughout the seasons.

Tank Size

Depending how many people live in your home and how much you’re using hot water at any given time, you may need to invest in a tank that is sized to sufficiently support usage – especially if you’re tired of running out of hot water too fast.

Consider how much water our household uses to decide if it’s time for a new water heater. Having the correct size water tank will not only avoid premature breakdown and repairs, but it also works more efficiently and uses less energy in the process.

Storage Type

There are a number of different storage types to choose from when selecting a water heater. Each has advantages for different applications which is why it’s important to understand your specific needs or speak to a professional to select the best option.

Storage types range from conventional water heaters that have hot water ready for use to “tankless” water heaters that heat water on demand. Other types include solar, indirect and heat pumps as options to explore.

Depending on your usage and needs, you may want an unlimited supply of hot water so you can take as long a shower as you need to, or, if consumption isn’t an issue and you want to keep costs low, you could go tankless.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re main concern is lowering your energy bills, then consider getting a new water heater installed that has a higher Energy Factor (EF). This efficiency calculation looks at how much water is produced versus what’s consumed. You can also take steps to educate those in the house be more cautious about hot water use and being more conservative to reduce water heating bills.

Other reasons you may be experiencing cold showers include the possibility of sediment buildup at the bottom of the heater tank or even a malfunctioning thermostat. Calling a professional to assess the problem and provide repair services is the best way to resolve issues and ensure your shower is ready to preform when you need it most.

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