Maintaining a Good Temperature in Your Home is Key for Quality Sleep

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Getting a good, full night’s rest is important. For health, mental clarity and the endurance to make it through all the obstacles and challenges we face each day. The recommended amount of hours you should be snoozing is between 7-9 hours every day.

This doesn’t mean lay in bed for two of those hours on your phone scrolling social media posts or dozing in and out of sleep while watching TV. You need good quality, deep sleep and moments of REM to truly feel rested.

The other big factor in getting better sleep at night is how comfortable you feel. We all know Connecticut summers can bring some of the stickiest, humid and warm nights. Same goes for winter with bitter, frigid temps dropping very low at night.

If you don’t’ adjust your thermostat and find the right setting, you may never be comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep.

Ideal Home Temperatures

Your bedroom should remain at the 60-67 degree mark to feel okay enough to sleep. This temperature changes to 72 degrees for comfort during the hours you’re awake. Setting your thermostat properly at night requires that you take into account the drop in temperature that takes place over the next few hours. For homes with younger children, keeping the settings a little warmer and closer to the 70-degree mark may feel more comfortable to aid in their night’s rest.

The problem with really cold temperature settings, while it feels okay when you’re awake and active, is that it can get uncomfortable when your body is resting and even lead to aches. Cold feet and warm pillows can also disrupt your rest so be sure you’re taking these factors into consideration too when planning the temperature settings in your home.

Today’s smart and programmable thermostats make managing the fluctuations in temperature settings easier to set. Many can even learn your preferences and know when to make adjustments without manual intervention.

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