Keeping Oil Delivery Drivers Safe During Winter Weather

clearing snow

Snow has already fallen in Connecticut and predictions are calling for lots more this season. As a responsible homeowner, you’ve probably already stocked up on ice melt for your driveway and have the snow blower ready to go. It’s important to use these tools to keep clean passages so you can get in and out of your driveway safely and prevent any slips or falls on your property. Remembering to also shovel walkways for mailmen and delivery drivers is important.

To keep your home heated and comfortable while temperatures drop outside, you need your heating system running and tank filled. Since fuel service deliveries occur during all weather conditions, you should pay attention to clearing the walkway for drivers and ensuring your fill pipe is accessible. This will help make delivery times more efficient for everyone.

Here are some more tips to keep oil delivery drivers safe this winter.

Keep the Driveway Shoveled

Often times, snow storms will continue throughout the day. If you know you’re getting an oil delivery, be sure to check that snow plows passing by or continued snowfall hasn’t created a new layer of snow that needs to be removed. If there is too much ice or snow in your driveway, delivery trucks could have an issue entering which could affect your delivery.

Clear Walkways and Access Areas

Not clearing walkways could prolong delivery time as drivers must locate a route to the fill pipe and will need to pull the hosing through snow – which can add difficulty. If snow is piled up around the fill pipe they may also not be able to see it. Be mindful of these important areas when it comes to fuel delivery and winter weather so keep our driver’s safe and your home continually warm.

At Arbor Energy we want to be sure you’re getting the oil services you need to keep your home heated and comfortable. Whether you’re on a service plan or call as you need oil, we’re here to help. We also want to thank all of our customers for their continued loyalty and for keeping our drivers in mind as you clean paths for deliveries this winter.

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