More Homes Switching to Smart Thermostats

smart home

Today’s homes are smarter than ever. In a literal sense, many of the devices and technologies used in the home are helping what was once just a roof over your head, to become a connected ‘thing.’ With the “Internet of Things” connected devices you can talk to and that understand your every move and need are now possible.

The Smart Home

Think about the voice assistant that tells you about the weather forecast, or the Crockpot you turn on from your phone while still driving home – the list of IoT innovations is endless.

One of the most sought after technologies in today’s connected home as consumers get used to the flood of new devices on the market is the smart thermostat – and there’s good reason. For years homeowners have battled with the constant temperature gauge changes needed to keep their home comfortable while still keeping utility bills down. Smart thermostats eliminate the issue.

Residential Energy Efficiency

New research from Parks & Associates notes the number of smart thermostats in today’s homes has more than doubled. Growing from 5% of homes in 2014 to 13% in 2017.

This finding is in line with a Smart Home study by Intel that found smart devices in the home will become as commonplace as smartphones in the next 10 years.

As energy consumption concerns grow, smart thermostats that offer everything traditional thermostats couldn’t become a no-brainer. Access to a thermostat’s settings from a mobile device means monitoring conditions and controlling usage wherever someone is located.

Smart Thermostat Benefits

Additional benefits that make the smart thermostat such an attractive investment is the fact that the device is able to “learn” temperature habits over time and adjusts accordingly as well as offer alerts for any out-of-the-ordinary temperature changes. They also offer tracking of energy usage with real-time reporting to finally cut costs on future energy bills without sacrificing comfort when you are home.

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