How Your Heating System Works

You know that your heating equipment works hard each winter to keep your home and family safe and warm. You also know when it’s time to order heating oil or propane, how important it is to maintain your equipment, and who you can count on for around-the-clock service.

But how much do you know about your heating system itself? Ever wonder how it functions to deliver the heat you depend on when the temperature drops each year?

Whether you upgraded a component of your heating system this year or you recently had your annual tune-up performed (it’s not too late to schedule!), the operation of your equipment goes a little something like this:

How Your Heating System Works

The more you know about your home heating system, the easier it will be for you to recognize a potential issue with it. The energy-saving tips included in the graphic above will also help you reduce fuel consumption while still getting the most out of your HVAC equipment.

To learn more about the heating equipment in your home, contact your local energy expert!