Heating Oil Sulfur Content Reductions Announced


In an effort to continue reducing emissions to protect the health and the environment, Connecticut has lowered the maximum amount of sulfur content allowed in heating oil.

Since 2012, legislators have been working across the Northeast, where most heating oil is used, to continue to cut down the sulfur content which will lower greenhouse gas emissions and provide the cleanest possible fuel to heat homes and businesses.

Historically, that number was as high as 2000 to 2500 parts per million, with some regions even higher in the U.S.!

The latest reduction will keep sulfur dioxide pollutant out of the air, decreasing health risks and reducing the environmental damage caused when the chemical mixes with water vapor and creates sulfuric acid.

The newest sulfur reductions, known as Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO), allows only 15 ppm which is a 95 percent reduction in sulfur content in home heating oil.

Other benefits include the decreased need for maintenance since there is less sulfur going through the equipment and storage tanks and less soot and scale build-up that must be cleaned.

Less debris also means less risk for breakdown and will even increase heating system efficiency as more smoke is able to make its way up through the chimney and out of the area. As a result, boilers, furnaces and heat exchangers will see a longer life.

The other great news is that this fuel can be used with your existing system without any upgrades required.

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