Your Fuel Payments—Your Way

Fall is just around the corner, which means cooler weather will be here before we know it.

This heating season, take control of your home energy costs. Fuel pricing programs and budget plan options allow you to pay for your annual oil or propane supply more conveniently—and can also result in significant savings. Choosing a program based on your personal budget and preferences means you’re adding predictability to your oil or propane costs no matter what the energy market does throughout the heating season.

So, which plan is best? Weigh the benefits of each of these commonly offered options to see which one will provide the most value for your home, family, and wallet this year.

Pre-Buy/Fixed Price Program

Protect yourself again rising oil or propane prices. You have the option to pay for your complete annual fuel supply in advance, capitalizing on preseason market rates.

  • Take advantage of low, off-season oil or propane prices
  • Be worry-free about market price fluctuation
  • Simplify your life with just one order for the whole season

Cap Price Program

This plan offers the best of both worlds, allowing you the freedom to choose a price per gallon ceiling limit and to benefit from low oil or propane prices whenever the market rate is lower than your cap.

  • Choose a price limit that you think is fair for the entire season
  • Never pay more than your agreed upon price per gallon—even if the market price skyrockets
  • Incorporate this plan with either a Pre-Buy/Fixed Price Program or Budget Payment Plan for maximum convenience and savings!

Budget Payment Plan

Rather than paying for the majority of your heating bills within a few short winter months, customers on a Budget Payment Plan benefit from small monthly fuel payments spaced throughout 10 or 12 months.

  • Never receive a large oil or propane bill after delivery
  • Know your recurring monthly payment amount ahead of time
  • Receive discounts each month for prompt payments if you qualify

As an Arbor Energy customer, take your pick! We offer these plans and more to fit your specific needs this heating season. Contact us to learn more or sign up today.