Why shouldn’t I switch to COD?

COD companies rarely have service included in their business models. If you ever encounter an emergency, you will have to call a company like us to come out and help you, and most of the time at the full hourly rate. At Arbor Energy we take pride in providing the best service possible for both scheduled cleanings and tune-ups as well as 24-hour emergency service. We also take pride in knowing that we put a superior product in your oil tank. Our oil is treated with an additive called UltraGuard. UltraGuard extends heating oil storage time, reduces sludge buildup, maintains oil heating efficiency by keeping your heating system cleaner, and has added protection for your oil tank against rust and corrosion. Oil without UltraGuard can cause systems to fail. It also helps your heating system run more efficiently.

If you are concerned about price, think about this value proposition. Well-tuned furnaces save 10% on oil. If you burn 1,000 gallons, that is 100 gallons of savings. Let’s say the current market price of oil is $3.929/gallon; your savings would be a significant $393 over the course of the year. In contrast, if you switch to a company that does not tune your furnace so efficiently, yet saves you $0.10/gallon over 1,000 gallons per year, you save only $100. Which would you rather? You can save a quick cent by switching or keep the long-term benefits by staying with the full service and top quality offered by Arbor Energy.

Its warm outside. Why am I using so much oil?

During the winter months when temperatures fluctuate drastically, houses tend to use more oil. Why is this? Try to think of it this way: it’s a cold winter morning and you didn’t get out to start your car before you leave for work. How long does it take for you to warm it up? By the time you are warm, you need to get out to walk into your building, right? Your house functions the same way. When the temperature outside is warm during the day, your heating system shuts off because it is not need. However, when the temperature drops at night, it takes a longer time and a greater amount of oil to heat your house up to a comfortable temperature. In fact, for consumption purposes, it would probably be better if the temperature stayed cold the whole day!

You also need to take into account if you use oil for hot water, how many appliances you are running throughout the day, and also how many people are in your house. The more people in a house, the more body heat helps to keep the house warm. In fact, it is likely you will burn more oil if you leave your home unoccupied during the day than if someone were home (maintaining that the thermostat is kept at the same temperature).

I have a newer heating system. Should I still schedule annual maintenance ahead of winter?

Whether your heating system is two or 12 years old, an annual tune-up and safety check performed by an Arbor Energy expert technician will ensure the equipment is operating safely and efficiently. Tuning up just a few system components with one maintenance visit can lower your fuel costs by 10% for the following heating season!

What is automatic delivery and how does it work?

We strongly recommend that all of our oil delivery and propane delivery customers select our automatic delivery option. With this option, we monitor your fuel usage for you at no additional cost and provide deliveries as you need them. This is a free service that gives you more convenience each heating season.

What is the difference between fixed and capped fuel price protection?

Buying your fuel ahead of the heating season or setting a ceiling limit for how much you pay throughout the season will give you peace of mind and protect you from energy market fluctuation. Visit our Pricing Programs page to learn about fixed price, cap price, and market price programs and our convenient budget payment option.