Everything You Need to Know About Annual AC & Furnace Tune Ups

Home is your sanctuary – and it should be. It’s where you retreat after a tiring workday, where you long to be when all you can think about is slipping into some comfy sweats and lounging in front of the TV, and it’s likely where you and your family spend most of your time together. What it shouldn’t be is a place that lacks proper heating and cooling. You shouldn’t have to wear extra layers to keep warm or sweat on summer nights because the AC is failing to cool properly.

All of these reasons, and many other dangers, are the reason why you should have your furnace and AC tune-ups scheduled yearly.

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Be ready for whatever weather the season brings and keep your system running efficiently.  Here’s more on why annual tune-ups are so important:

Why Annual Tune-Ups Are Necessary

Just like you bring your car in for oil changes, tire rotations and other services so that it remains reliable and safe, you should be thinking about your home’s heating and cooling system in the same way. Over time dirt, wear and tear and other issues crop up and the only way to be preventive about costly breakdowns and repairs, is to keep the system cleaned and monitored on regular basis. You should be replacing and cleaning filters for each season and check them monthly to be sure they are not clogged up with dirt that’s and entering the system. Both AC and furnace units can break under these conditions.

What Happens During an Inspection

During your annual furnace tune-up, a skilled technician will check for things like loose ductwork, blower motor lubrication, wiring connections, loose belts, burner ignitions and other operational issues that may be reducing energy efficiency as well as safety. They’ll also clean up debris, soot, water vapor and other build-up that’s accumulated around the system. Keep in mind that you will need to keep up these regular check-ups to stay within manufacturer warranty on the systems.

Your air conditioning unit should also be checked and cleaned by a professional. Inspecting connections, refrigerant, pressures and more are part of the service. A tech may also spot an issue that left unattended, could become a more costly problem.

When’s the Best Time to Schedule Annual Maintenance

The general recommendation is that you have your furnace inspected and maintained at least one time per year. Of course when you hear strange noises coming from the system or if it stops working, you’ll need to call for service at that time. But if you’re planning ahead, then the optimal time for furnace maintenance is either late summer or early fall. This time is best because it’s just before the system will be started up for the cold season when it will be working hard to keep you and your family warm. A yearly cleaning and maintenance service is also recommended for central AC units as these systems will lose efficiency and even stop working abruptly if left uncared for. The most ideal time for the service is spring, before the cooling season begins.

Don’t sacrifice the comfort you deserve in your own home. You owe it to yourself and your family.

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