Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Your A/C

Spring has arrived here in Connecticut and we’re already getting a taste of the summer heat to come. If you’re like most New England homeowners, you’ve already begun to prep for warmer weather. This means spring cleaning, scheduling A/C maintenance, and even refilling the grill’s propane tank. Once July rolls around, you’ll be happy that you did!

But what happens if your cooling system stops working? Before you call your local HVAC technician, try these industry-approved tips to get your cooling system back in fighting form.

1. Check thermostat

The first place to start is your thermostat. Make sure it is set to “cool” and even knock it down a few degrees. If the set temperature is too high, it can cause your cooling system to overwork and shut down.

2. Test electric breaker

How’s the power? As most homeowners know, sometimes electric breakers need to be reset. Check that the breaker supplying your cooling system is on. Be sure to turn off your unit before resetting the breaker.

3. Clean or change the filter

Over time, debris will collect in your system’s filter. Without regular cleaning or replacement, unclogged filters can obstruct proper air flow.

4. Feel for cool air coming from registers

Next, if the previous tips don’t seem to help, give your registers a once-over. Inspect their output to see if any air is being produced.

5. Inspect condensate drainage

Take a look at the system’s drainage. Excess condensation can cause blockage, increasing the risk for mold growth or water damage. Contact your local HVAC service team if you notice any over flow.

No luck with these tips? No sweat! You’ve taken the proper steps and it’s time to call in the experts. Simply contact your energy provider and a licensed technician will be right over to quickly diagnose and repair the problem.