Comparing Appliances: Propane vs. Electric – Which is Better?

kitchen appliances

Buying new appliances for your home can come with its share of confusion if you’re not sure exactly what features you need and will use. Will you really get use out of that extra ice machine? Do you need a refrigerator that tells you what items you are running low on? Then there’s also the need to decide between electric and propane appliances when making your buying decision. Here’s a closer look comparing the two.

Better Efficiency

Appliances that are efficient are important in our homes because we’re them using almost daily and they affect our monthly utility bills. Choosing more efficient options means the appliance will use less energy to operate, therefore reducing exertion and the potential for breakdowns. One gallon of propane produces the same amount of energy as 27 kilowatt hours of electricity. Choosing a product with the higher price tag, but better energy efficiency rating, can actually save you more money in the long run.

Lower Costs

As energy usage is lowered, utility bills are also decreased. Propane appliances tend to require less parts and maintenance and can save you money on upkeep needs. You can also lower costs when an appliance is able to perform its function quickly. For example, an electric dryer has to work harder and longer to dry clothes than one run with propane.

Faster Results

Getting desired outcomes quickly is another reason to consider propane. Gas stoves heat up quicker, cook evenly and answer to immediate needs. The same is true when heating the home, if you want to heat the house quickly but don’t want to put your heating system into overdrive to warm the space, a propane source is the answer.

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