Choose Your Own Price per Gallon

Imagine controlling your energy costs for the upcoming heating season based on a price that you think is fair. With a Cap Price Program, you can!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Choose a price ceiling—the highest price per gallon for fuel that you’d be willing to pay—in advance of the heating season. You’ll be guaranteed this price or lower all winter long.
  2. If the price of heating oil or propane drops below your predetermined cap, you pay the LOWER PRICE, which would be the market price for your heating fuel.
  3. If the price of heating oil or propane increases above your predetermined cap, you pay the LOWER PRICE, which is your previously agreed upon price per gallon.

You’ll never pay more than your chosen capped price. And unlike a pre-buy or fixed price program, you will always benefit from savings when the market price is low.

Compare Your Price Protection Options

Selecting a price protection plan is always better for your wallet and your peace of mind when compared to the constant guesswork of following the market price day to day each winter. However, one plan in particular soars above the rest for its cost benefits and overall value.

Pre-Buy Program Fixed Price Program Cap Price Program
Know that your price per gallon is protected against market spikes throughout the heating season
Pay less if the market price drops during the season X X
Spread heating costs throughout the year with monthly payments X X
Always pay the lower amount between the market price and your program’s price per gallon X X


Plan ahead for this heating season. Sign up for your Cap Price Program today!