Benefits of Automatic Fuel Delivery

Auto DeliverySummer is in full swing here in Connecticut, which means the upcoming heating season is probably the last thing on your mind. While chilly temperatures may seem like a distant memory, we all know how New England weather has a way of sneaking up on us. Be prepared for the next heating season by signing up for automatic fuel delivery. In just one easy step, you will be ready for whatever winter has in store!

Automatic fuel delivery is available for both heating oil and propane customers. However you choose you heat your home, you can take advantage of so many valuable benefits at no additional cost.

How It Works

Leave your energy supply to the experts. When you become an automatic delivery customer, you never have to worry about checking your fuel tank, scheduling deliveries, or even being home when deliveries are made. Oil or propane deliveries are scheduled by monitoring a combination of degree days and your past usage. This calculation is completely customized to your household’s unique heating needs. Based on this schedule, your delivery team will make sure your tank is always full.

Reasons to Sign up Now

  • Beat the Autumn Rush
    In the offseason, you can easily contact your local energy provider without waiting in line behind a dozen other customers scrambling at the last minute. Once you’ve enrolled, you can truly spend the rest of your summer stress-free!
  • Total Fill-Up, Every Time
    Automatic delivery customers gain peace of mind knowing that their oil or propane tank is totally full after each delivery. With your fuel supply in good hands, you won’t have to worry about the significant damage and danger empty tank levels can cause.
  • Complete Convenience
    As winter unfolds, automatic oil and propane delivery customers avoid the stress of monitoring tank gauges, calling for deliveries, and planning their busy schedules around truck arrivals.
  • Cut Fuel Costs
    After just a few fill-ups, your delivery team will be able to predict your oil or propane usage within several gallons, which means you’re only paying for the fuel that you will use.

Get ahead of the game! Sign up for automatic fuel delivery for oil or propane this summer for a hassle-free heating season. Contact us to learn more and enroll today.