Beat the Summer Heat with These A/C Repair Tips

With warm weather now here, you will probably be using your home’s air conditioning system soon, if you aren’t already. A/C systems can become worn out or dirty from regular wear and tear and when this happens, they will struggle to perform on hot days. Don’t get left in the heat. Now is the time to have your system inspected and have any necessary repairs completed so your home will be cool and comfortable this summer.

Replace Filters

One of the most important things you can do to keep your central, ductless, or mini-split AC system working properly is to regularly change the filters. If a filter becomes dirty, it can slow the flow of cool air to your home. Check your A/C system manufacturer’s instructions on how to replace the filters and how often. You may have to replace them more frequently if you run the air conditioning a lot in the summer, if you have pets, or if anyone in your family has allergies.

Keep Outdoor Unit Clean

The part of an air conditioner that is located outside the house also needs to be kept clean. An air conditioner absorbs heat from inside the house and releases it outside. If the outdoor unit is clogged or obstructed, it may be unable to cool your home effectively. Your HVAC company can send a technician to your home to clean and service the system so it will operate at peak efficiency.

Have Mechanical Components Checked

The motor in an air conditioner is mostly responsible for keeping your home cool in the summer. It may not be functioning as well as it should because of wear and tear from previous years of heavy use, especially if it is an older unit. If you hear any unusual noises, the A/C may need to be serviced by a professional.

A pipe that carries condensation away from the AC unit is also an important feature for the operation of the system. If it gets clogged, water can back up into the air conditioner or even leak into your home, possibly damaging your carpet and furnishings. Have a technician check the condensation pipe and make sure it is draining properly to prevent leaks or flooding.

Call for an Air Conditioning System Inspection

If you are concerned about the current state of your air conditioning system, Arbor Energy can conduct a thorough inspection. We will diagnose any problems with a central, ductless, or mini-split A/C system and make necessary repairs so you will be ready for the sweltering summer days ahead.


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