Alternatives to Natural Gas: Reasons to Stick with Oil or Propane

As the energy industry continues to diversify, customers are faced with more and more options to keep their homes warm and comfortable. Natural gas has become a buzzed-about fuel that has oil and propane customers second-guessing their existing energy source. But is it really worth it to switch? When it comes down to it, Connecticut homeowners that heat with propane and oil take advantage of benefits that natural gas service simply can’t match.

Get the Facts Before You Weigh Your Options

Winters in New England are no joke. It only makes sense that you want to select the right fuel for your budget that can stack up to the challenge of Northeast temperatures. Before you convert your system, consider all the reasons why customers choose oil or propane heating over natural gas service.

Home Safety
Unlike natural gas, heating oil is a non-explosive fuel that helps so many homeowners spend their winters worry-free. Customers that choose propane can rely on the strict NFPA safety regulations and certified local heating providers to keep their storage and equipment up to the highest level of safety standards.

Flexible Pricing
When you heat with oil or propane, you have the option to purchase your fuel flexibly. Instead of paying a natural gas company for service, you can decide how many gallons you want to purchase and how you want to purchase them. Pricing programs for oil and propane are available with options like predictable budget payments and pre-buy plans so that you can truly take control of your energy spending.

Environmental Advancements
Natural gas isn’t as clean as it seems. Methane produced from natural gas is a potent greenhouse gas that can have a greater impact on climate change than emissions from other fuels. On the other side of the coin, the oil and propane industries continue to make strides toward cleaner, greener operation. For example, the heating oil industry has cut its total emissions by approximately 33% over the past four decades.

Overall Value
Converting from oil or propane to natural gas can cost more than $10,000 in parts and labor, whereas upgrading your current boiler or furnace can save up to 30% on your annual fuel bills. The price to upgrade your oil or propane system to high-efficiency equipment is far more affordable and will deliver future savings for years to come.

Is it time to upgrade your current equipment? Contact us to learn more about the benefits of heating oil and propane!