How an Air Conditioning Service Plan Helps You Save

Air Conditioning Service PlanSummer in Connecticut is short. Don’t spend a second of it worrying about your home’s air conditioning system!

Depending on your preferred level of coverage and peace of mind, you can choose among plans from your local HVAC service provider that protect your home cooling system from unforeseen repairs, unexpected service costs, and more. Learn how much a top-level A/C service plan can benefit you in terms of comfort, convenience, and especially cost.

Annual Tune-Up & Efficiency Check

Just like an annual tune-up for your home heating system, annual A/C maintenance is essential if you want your equipment to run correctly and efficiently each year. This service, which you schedule and pay for before each summer anyway, is one of the services already included in your service plan coverage.

Discounts on Parts Repairs & Replacements

Whether your tune-up suggests a small upgrade to improve system operation or diagnoses a bigger issue, you can rest assured that the fix can take place without breaking the bank.

Priority Service from HVAC Experts

When you choose a full-service company as your energy provider, you want to trust that they are available when you need them most—and at a fair price. If your air conditioning system needs prompt service, your HVAC provider of choice is always just a call away.

Sign up for your A/C service plan today! Then, sit back and relax, knowing that your air conditioning system is ready to keep you cool all summer long.