4 Reasons to Sign Up for a Pricing Program This Summer

Sign Up for a Pricing ProgramWhen you think of summer, your home comfort checklist probably includes cleaning out the pool, scheduling your A/C maintenance, and stocking up on sunscreen. But what if we told you that this time of year is crucial to preparing for next heating season? Yes, we said it: heating season. It may seem like a distant memory, but Connecticut homeowners know winter weather is never really that far away.

When you sign up for a pricing program this summer, you’ll see why it pays to plan ahead:

1. Predictable Fuel Bills

When you heat your home with oil or propane, your energy costs are often at the mercy of the market. With a pricing program, you can eliminate the element of surprise and secure consistently affordable fuel rates.

2. Low Preseason Rates

Open enrollment begins in the spring or summer when oil and propane prices are typically at their lowest. This way, customers who opt for pre-buy or fixed priced plans can secure their rates before costs start to climb in the fall.

3. Flexible Spending

When you take control of your energy bills, you open up space for spending elsewhere. Customers who opt for pricing programs find the perks of flexibility extend beyond fuel costs to benefit their family’s overall budgeting needs.

4. Automatic Delivery Options

Never worry about running out of fuel again! Most pricing programs come with the option of automatic delivery. Instead of constantly checking your fuel gauge, you can count on your oil or propane delivery team to keep levels full all winter long.

Pricing Program Options

  • Cap Price Program: Never pay above your maximum contracted price, but if market prices drop you pay the lower price.
  • Market Price Program: When the market drops, you will receive the low price.
  • Pre-Buy/Fixed Price Program: You pay a fixed predetermined price per gallon, allowing for protection against rising prices.
  • Budget Payment Plan: Never receive a large bill after a delivery. Simply pay a steady monthly payment spaced evenly throughout the year.

Which pricing program is right for you? Contact us today to learn more and take advantage of these benefits for the 2017-2018 heating season!