4 Easy Tips to Care for Your Oil Furnace

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Maintaining an optimal heating system is an important part of home ownership. Whether you had a newer system installed or you inherited a much older one when you purchased your home, the only way to prolong the use you get out of your furnace and its efficiency is to give it some good old TLC.

Here are 4 easy tips to help you care for your oil furnace.

1.      Use Your Senses for Clues

The best line of defense to keeping your furnace working optimally is to monitor how it runs. You should use your senses for this step. If you see any unusual soot around the furnace or smoke coming out of the chimney, these could be signs that the oil isn’t burning properly and needs addressing. Other factors like hearing loud noises (vibrations, bangs, and rattles) are also telltale signs that something is wrong. Finally, as soon as you smell something that might not be a usual odor, call a professional to have your system checked immediately to avoid danger and further wear and tear.

2.      Monitor the Air Filter

The air filter on your furnace provides a protective layer for the blower fan and helps to clean the air that’s being sent through your home via the ducts. Depending on the size of the filters passageways, particles may not be able to pass through. While these are typically swapped out during a routine maintenance appointment, some homes may find that the filters need to be replaced at greater frequencies. A number of factors, like pet dander, hair, cleaning chemicals, gunk, and other air pollutants can factor into the need to change the filter more often. It makes sense to check monthly by sliding out the filter to see if it’s still clean.

3.      Keep Things Tidy

Keeping the area around the furnace clear of dirt and debris lessens the chances it could make its way into the system and cause issues. All registers should be open and free of debris. Most furnaces are in a hidden or forgotten area of the home but you should make it a point to clean there regularly. Focus on sweeping and vacuuming away dust that’s accumulated in the area.

4.      Schedule Routine Maintenance

While all of the above-mentioned steps can certainly help keep your furnace running smoothly and avoid unforeseen issues, there is nothing that compares to having a professional come out and service your furnace for a routine cleaning and inspection. These typically happen once a year and include a cleaning, visual inspection for wear and tear of internal parts and lubrication of necessary fittings to keep the system running smoothly.


At Arbor Energy, we offer comprehensive service plans for oil heating equipment. These service plans include the required system tune-ups and will keep equipment running at peak efficiency.  Get in touch today to schedule your service.