3 Reasons Fall is Best for Furnace Maintenance

We’re just a few short weeks away from Labor Day. That means summer is coming to an end here in New England. Kids are heading back to school. The temperature is slowly starting to drop and before we know it our streets will be lined with a kaleidoscope of colors from falling foliage.

fall weather

The fall season isn’t just a reminder to pull out your sweaters and cover the swimming pool, it’s also the most optimal time to have your yearly HVAC services done.

Here are 3 reasons fall is the best season to have furnace maintenance done.

(FYI: It’s also the busiest season, so be sure to book in advance (like, now!))  

1.      Avoid Bad Timing for a Breakdown

There may be no worse a time for your home heating system to break down than during a snowstorm and frigid temps. To avoid this scenario, you should have your furnace maintenance done well in advance of winter months. By keeping your furnace clean and free of potentially clogging debris you’ll keep the system from wearing out prematurely or other problems.

2.      Keep Your Family Warm & Safe

Keep your family safe and comfortable during the cold months by having your annual heater service done in advance of snow and icy conditions. In addition to cleaning your furnace and inspecting it, a professional technician will be checking for hazardous leaks or other parts of the system that need repair before they become an issue and leave you in the cold – or worse. A clean system also ensures your family has quality indoor air.

3.      Save Money on Heating Bills

While it’s important to have your furnace cleaned and inspected each year for safety and to ensure comfort, it’s also a great way to help cut down on heating bills. The more dirt and debris built up inside your heating system, the harder it has to work to do its job. This results in unnecessarily larger utility bills and can easily be fixed with a professional cleaning and inspection by an HVAC technician. As an added bonus, the regular maintenance of your furnace will save you money in the long run because you won’t be looking at buying parts or needing a whole new system that has to be replaced sooner than expected.

Don’t wait until your system breaks down to have your furnace serviced. Schedule a service today!